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simple felt rosettes

a felt rosette

I was making these rosettes last weekend when I realised I might as well try making a tutorial of them, as they’re so easy to do but so pretty. here in my tutorial I make a hairclip out of it, but you can also sew on a brooch pin to make a brooch, sew it onto a handbag, purse or clutch as an applique or even onto the toes of a pair of plain ballet flats.

you will need:

  • a long piece of felt
  • matching thread and scissors
  • hair clip – barette, crocodile clip, pin or as you prefer
  • hot glue gun

you will need to know:

  • how to sew a running stitch and backstitch
  • how to use a hot glue gun


  1. think about how large you would like your rosette to be. cut a long rectangle of felt. the width of your rectangle is the radius of your rosette and the length is the circumference plus allowance for pleating. for example, for a rosette measuring 4″ across, the width of the rectangle should be (4″ / 2 = 2″) and the length should be (6 * 4″ = 24″).
    cutting a long rectangle of felt
  2. if your felt isn’t long enough, join two rectangles by placing the right sides together and backstitching along one of the widths, so you get a seam that can hide in the gathers with the ends of the fabric visible from the back of the rosette.
  3. begin in one corner of the felt with a few backstitches to hold the thread in place. sew a running stitch down one length of the fabric, about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. as felt is thick, work stitches of 1/2″ to 3/4″ – the longer the stitch, the larger the pleat. [yes, I made a silly mistake the first time round sewing tiny stitches and got a really flat, unexciting rosette.]
    working a running stitch down one side
  4. at the end of the felt, pull on the thread to gather the felt together loosely. it should bunch along one side into a loose doughnut shape.
    making a doughtnut shape
  5. to reinforce your seam, push your needle through the gathers to work another circle, and then gradually tighten the thread to pull the gathers into a small, tight circle.
    reinforcing the seam by going around the circle another time
    tightening the thread to pull the felt into a tight circle
  6. join the two ends of the fabric by flipping the ends under and working a few backstitches along the width of the fabric.
  7. optionally: stack a smaller rosette on top of a larger one and sew them together for a layered effect.
    sewing the rosettes together

  8. using the hot glue gun, hot glue the hair accessory under the rosette. if you are using a crocodile clip or other clip that needs to be pinched open, do NOT glue the length of the clip to the back of the rosette. leave about 2cm where you need to hold the clip unglued. this is so that you can grab that part of the clip to open it and you won’t have to crush the rosette by applying pressure on it to open the clip.
    gluing the hairclip to the rosette leaving a slight gap for gripping
    (I wonder why this picture has blue tones.)

and there you have it. I’ve been wearing it in my hair all week.