sewing supplies in singapore

I have written a little guide to sewing shops in singapore over at notabilia, one of my favourite art/design blogs and happily based in singapore. I talk a bit about some of my favourite shops for textiles (see a sample of what I buy here), useful sewing suppliers and haberdasheries. I’d also love to hear about other sewing shops and haberdasheries not in the city centre, if you know of any, and your other recommendations. let me know here or there.

as an aside, I am also known to the people’s park complex shopkeepers as “L’s (my mother) daughter”, and only “L’s daughter”. my mother’s been a regular for decades. when I show up on my own, they look around to see if she’s about and say, “oh! you came on your own today without your mum.” yes, I am eternally reminded of my youth when this happens.

8 responses to “sewing supplies in singapore

  1. You are very kind. This blog is an incredible source of inspiration to me. I am so glad Twitter brought us together.

  2. Hi Claudia

    Would you know where to purchase wooden spools for organizing ribbons and such?

    • Hi Katrina

      I’m not too sure – I haven’t seen spools for sale in any of the haberdashers I regularly go to. I know Spotlight and Art Friend both stock a large variety of small wood/papier mache products (boxes, boards, etc.) so they may do spools as well? Failing which, perhaps a DIY store could sell you something like a wire reel which you could repurpose for ribbons.

      Great question – I have a mass of ribbons I’ve saved up which are completely disorganised! If I do come across any places that sell spools I will let you know.

  3. Dear Claudia,
    I am from Singapore although have not lived there for a looong time. I started sewing outside of Singapore so I am new to the sewing stores of Singapore. Thank you kindly for this list which will come in handy when I tag along with my husband on his biz trip to Singapore next week. I am looking forwarding to using yr list as a guide, besides the usual visits to a few fav food courts. Have a good day!

  4. thank you for your list of sewing stores! I went to spotlight last weekend to get some stuff to make little skirts for my girls but was flabbergasted at the atrocious prices! I mean, $6.95 for bias binding? I remember it being less than RM1 when I was growing up in Malaysia. Could you advise which of those stores would have some nice fabric for little girls’ clothes?
    Thank you!

    • Hello! Malin Textiles in Chinatown usually has a nice line of cottons for little children (I have bought stuff for cousins and so on there). They usually run from $12-$18/metre. Arab Street also has a good selection of children’s fabric (cottons, voiles, lawn) for slightly cheaper – $10 or so.

  5. Dear Claudia,
    Do you know where I can find seam binding “Hug Snug” like this one?
    Appreciate your help.

    • Binding like this is usually available in any of the large fabric stores – Spotlight will carry binding, as will the shop in Chinatown I mention in this post. However, I haven’t seen this particular brand in Singapore so you might not be able to find it here. Hope this helps!

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